Is the winter weather being a witch? Were you cheated out of your Powerball victory? Here are 7 winter date ideas for broke (and slightly insane) newlyweds:

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1. Fast Food Dinner (by Candlelight)

Wanna go somewhere fancy for dinner but broke as a joke? Buy some of your favorite fast food treats, put them on fancy plates (with garnish) and make your kitchen a romantic candlelight oasis. Don’t forget the little black dress/suit and tie requirements.

2. Middle School Night

Brandon surprised me with this date idea a while back and it’s been one of my favorites. Do activities that you used to do in middle school. Our night included Gatti Town, $3 skate night at a cheapo roller rink, and strutting around the mall without buying anything.

3. Test Drive a Car

Of course make sure it’s one that’s way too expensive for you to ever afford. Don’t forget to dress fancy and stick your nose in the air a little so the car salesman thinks you can actually buy it. It’s a great time to break out fake English accents.

4. Camp Incamp

Set up a tent in the living room, make some microwave S’mores and get cozy in your sleeping bags! Brandon and I did this to watch the new Hunger Games. It made us feel like we were participating. Of course I made us wear eye black as well because that’s just intimidating.

5. Thrift Shop Date Night

Give yourself and your spouse $10 each to spend at Goodwill or some other thrift shop. Two catches: 1. You are shopping for your partner. 2. No matter you choose for each other, you have to wear it for the rest of the date (which should be in public of course).

6. Library/Bookstore Nightyoung couple reading a book in a library

If you are geeky couple, find a good book to read. If you are like Brandon and I, play a slightly more inappropriate game and only communicate to each other using titles of books you find.

7. Game Night

Grab your favorite games and have a competition night! This sometimes gets ugly for us but it’s one of my favorite date-in activities (when I win). Don’t forget to cut a deal for the winner before you begin.

Any other ideas? Comment below!

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