That’s right. I said it.

I hope you hit rock bottom.

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Why? Because I’m here now. And it’s best place I’ve ever been.

The tears are many. The pain is great.

But the greatest part about hitting rock bottom is it’s the foundation on which I’ve always belonged. It’s a firm foundation.

I try walking on unstable foundations all of the time. Depending on my husband for my satisfaction. My job. My friends. My successes.

And it’s so tiring. My legs get weak. My muscles are worn down. But I keep walking, trying to keep my balance. Trying to control every move I make on an unsteady foundation, hoping with every step that it doesn’t crumble.

But every time it eventually happens…it crumbles.

My husband hurts me deeply.
My friends let me down.
My work isn’t enough.
My “success” diminishes.

The foundation falls.

I tumble downward. And I hit rock bottom..hard.

The fall hurts.

But along with the pain comes a new realization.

Now I can just lay here.

Nothing is going to crack again. This foundation is too steady…too strong.

The tears are many. The pain is great.

But I can relax.

The security is real.

My firm foundation is Christ.

Friend, have you hit rock bottom? Are you there now?

Is your foundation strong? Is it reliable?

In Christ, we have a firm foundation. I pray that He is yours.

If you haven’t hit rock bottom, I pray you do soon.

The tears are many. The pain is great.

But you can finally relax.

And you can remember there’s nothing we can do for more security, more love.

We have it.

I hope you hit rock bottom.


Question: What is your experience hitting “rock bottom”? Comment below.


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