It’s World Adoption Day, and although I haven’t yet been able to adopt as a parent, I was adopted as a child. So today is a happy day for me.

My father adopted me when I was ten.


I’ve written a blog before telling my whole adoption story, so that’s not what this is about.
This is just a quick thank you to the parents that have chosen to adopt.

Because sometimes us adopted children forget to say thank you. You should know, though…it’s not because we aren’t thankful. It’s simply that we don’t think about the fact that we are adopted.

We are just yours. And that’s that.

And if you’re anything like my father, I know that makes you happy.

So while I AM thinking about it, let me say a thank you from all of us.


Thank you for choosing us when you didn’t have to.

Thank you for raising us with love.

Thank you for making sure people know we are your “real” child.

Thank you for disciplining us.

Thank you for praising us.

Thank you for taking care of us.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally.

Thank you for being our mommy. Our daddy.

Because of you children like me can grow up with a unique understanding of God. We can grow up understanding that, like you, God also desires to adopt us into His family. And after we are adopted, we are His “real” child- no ifs, and, or buts. And that He loves us unconditionally, despite what we do or don’t do.

And a special thank you to my daddy for showing me my True Father.

To all the mommies and daddies that are doing the same for their children- we are thankful. I promise.

(Just please forgive us if we forget to tell you)



“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.”

Matthew 18:5

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