It’s 5:45 a.m. and Brandon just handed me the cute coffee mug I convinced him I just had to have in order to stay motivated to blog last winter. After not blogging for three months, guilt wins the day.  It just feels wrong to sip that $10.99 Francesca’s mug reading “Blogging Day” without really blogging, don’t you think?

Also, it’s bad when your opening paragraph is off-subject already.

Oh, wait no, I think I can make a Segway.

Blogging. I really do love it. I get to ramble through my insane thought processes and then the World Wide Web lets me publish them…for free. People from all 50 states, China, England, Mexico, Iceland – they ALL have access to my blog – because these thoughts are that good (currently my readership is more like my mom and my cousin, but the cousin is in Iowa so that’s a really big deal).

I got off-subject again. Let me retry that paragraph.

Blogging. Why do I have time all of the sudden?

Oh yeah, my husband quit his job last week.


(That was your gasp, because you are so into my life).

Why does that make for more time for me? Because his new job happens to be working for my business – our business according to him, but I prefer to be the boss.

Yeah, we are insane.

But we are pumped. And anxious. And pumped.

When we started OneTeam Marketing Solutions a couple of years ago it was more of just a fun experiment than a well-formed plan. I thought maybe I could get a couple of writing projects on the side of my job. Although I had dreamed of it, I completely doubted my ability to start a successful business, but Brandon didn’t, so I just tried. That’s the sickening power of newlywed love.

And surprisingly, I loved it.

For those of you that know about the business, you probably didn’t know that while Brandon spent the last couple of years coaching, he gave OneTeam a lot during his downtime in the summers and off-season. Of course, he disappeared for eight months of the year, but just those few months of encouragement, ideas and passion gave the business a boost of momentum two summers in a row.

And another dream starting forming – what if both of us could run the business eventually?

As we prepared to enter another basketball season, we didn’t think the time was now. Because – that’s just crazy. But with my head buried in work on nights and weekends, even with Brandon’s help this summer, it started to become apparent that maybe the time should be now.

So with heavy hearts, Brandon turned in his resignation at the University and joined OneTeam full-time.

Here is what has been exciting about that transition:

  1. Brandon is working with me all of the time.
  2. I can hand off projects that are more suited for Brandon’s skillset.
  3. Brandon is helping grow the business with new teammates and clients.
  4. We finally have a little more time and space in our life – to be refreshed but also to use as the Lord directs.
  5. I can put work down for a bit and blog again 🙂 – Hi mom!

Here are some things that have been tough about that transition:

  1. Brandon is working with me. All. Of. The. Time.
  2. Yeah, I guess #1 is really the main one but it’s worth five points.

Just kidding, sort of. We really do love working together, but JoJo has gotten used to her space during the days. Plus, it can be hard to know when the workday is over and now our office is just our living room again. But we’ll get there.

And I’ll make sure you are a part of the journey :).

Stay tuned!

Question: Have you ever worked with your spouse either on a project or in a job? What advice would you give?

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